Chasing the Afterglow

Chasing the Afterglow explores the moon, the setting sun, and the dreamy lore that plays out under their spiritual light. The enchanted twilight hour, the magic under a blanket of stars, the visceral pull of the lunar phases – they ground us to nature but also allow us to transcend the everyday…

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Evanescent Energy

…with the use of fire I’ve found a way to re-create the almost metaphysical underpinning of nature, myself and the invisible effervescence around us.

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My Mythos series depicts the early moments in an experience and then illustrates the steps that allow us to see beyond the surface, where flashes of stillness, anxiety, wonder and mystery present themselves through familiar and invented allegories…

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Gimmick, schmimick! Corey Davis photographs coffee grounds in the bottom of Japanese teacups. Blue Mitchell burns his photo negatives, then transfers the images to wood panels. Who cares if the works are gimmicky—they’re beautiful! Davis’ compositions exude minimalist elegance, while Mitchell’s come alive with drama and hyper-real intensity. This promises to be a satisfying and well-paired double bill. [re: Newspace Center for Photography, Jan 2010] Richard Speer

Willamette Week

The lone outsider in the show (geographically speaking) is Blue Mitchell of Portland Oregon whose inclusion shakes things up via his paradigm stretching printing techniques and unconventional methods. Burnt transparencies have become a specialization of his of late and while the term itself might make many photogs shudder, Mitchell is fearless in his pursuit of striking images that bubble (literally) with primordial effects.  The effect is a hypnotic one imparted directly by the artist’s hand to lends a certain lenticular spectrality approaching the psychedelic. [re: The Light Factory’s 2010 Annuale] Dave Delcambre

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