April is a busy month for photography in the Portland area. I’m, pleased to be showing work in a few venues: Ten images from my Of Salt and Earth series debuts in the Blue Sky Gallery viewing drawers, Photolucida’s Love it and Leave with it is auctioning off Of Salt and Earth no. 14 and that same image received the juror’s award for PDX 30 at Lightbox Gallery. Also, I’ve been invited to speak about my work at PCC later in the month. Details below.

2018 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers

Debuting this Thursday, I’m fortunate to have ten images showcased in the Blue Sky 2018 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers.

First Thursday, April 5, coinciding with Portland Photo Month, each artist will be represented by 10 original photographic prints or objects from a single body of work in a dedicated archival, flat file drawer at Blue Sky through March 2019.

The complete list of artists selected from more than 160 submissions includes:

Adam Bacher, Doran Bastin, Susan Bein, Ray Bidegain, Jennie Castle, Harley Cowan, Fretta Cravens, Danielle Dean, Lucas DeShazer, Claire Dibble, Gloria Baker Feinstein, Dean Forbes. Hal Gage, Randi Ganulin, Joseph Glasgow, Sarah Graves, Lauryn Hare, Melinda Hurst Frye, Tim Jaskoski, Ryota Kajita, John Kane, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Cheston Knapp, Brian Kosoff, Zachary Krahmer, Laura Kurtenbach, Julie Lopez, Nathan Lucas, Sofia Marcus-Myers, Ryan Mills, Blue Mitchell, Marilyn Montufar, Stan Raucher, Shawn Records, Pat Rose, Isaac Sachs, Skip Smith, Deb Stoner, Nolan Streitberger, J Swofford, Samuel Wilson and Jennifer Zwick.

Huge thanks to the honorable curator Hamidah Glasgow for her dedication to our photo community!

Press Release

Love It & Leave With It!

Pop up exhibition * Print Raffle * Photo Booth * Silent Auction Tables

Thursday, April 12th, 2018, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center
8371 North Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

$15 – Food, fun, and a drink ticket.
$75 – Food, fun, open bar and leave with a print!
Tickets are now available on Eventbrite!

Photolucida is excited to throw a big fundraising (fun-raising?) party – LOVE IT & LEAVE WITH IT – all proceeds go toward Photolucida’s scholarship fund! Images from fifty of Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2017 finalists and twenty-five Portland photographers will be curated into an exhibition at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center. Seventy-five people will leave with a print of their choice!

Also – silent auction items from Princeton Architectural Press, One Twelve Publishing, Cobalt Studios, Amy Friend, Cheryle St. Onge, Tamara Staples, Stu Levy, Ray Bidegain and more!

Contributing photographers: Jody Ake, Jane Fulton Alt, Linda Alterwitz, Ben Arnon, Hillary Atiyeh, Lee W. Bass, Susan Bein, Laura J. Bennett, Zack Bent, Heather Binns, Christa Blackwood, Peter Bogaczewicz, Ernie Button, Briana Cerezo, Tara Champion, Gina Cholick, Natalie Christensen, Jamila Clark, Jan Cook, Sandi Daniel, Robert Dash, Danielle Dean, Sean Du, Marico Fayre, Juan Fernandez, Conrad Gees, Lauren Grabelle, Toni Greaves, Anita Hamremoen, Mark Edward Harris, Barbara Hazen, Leslie Hickey, Janet Holmes, Kristina Hruska, Melinda Hurst Frye, Katharine T. Jacobs, Ashley Jennings, Shannon Johnstone, Rachel Jump, Joni Kabana, Sharon Kain, Henrik Kam, Daniel Kariko, Marky Kauffmann, Cassandra Klos, Sandra Klein, Kovi Konowiecki, Kent Krugh, Barbara Kyne, France Leclerc, Heidi Lender, Jim Lommasson, Allan Markman, Cheryl Medow, Molly McCall, Paula McCartney, Robbie McClaran, Blue Mitchell, Margaret Moulton, Takayuki Narita, Jim Nickelson, Debbie O’Donnell, Jenny Olsen, Luke Olsen, Marcy Palmer, Kelli Pennington, Sergey Pesterev, Erika Plummer, Bill Purcell, Shawn Records, John-David Richardson, Andy Richter, William Scharf, Jean Schnell, Kurt Simonson, Sam Slater, Deb Stoner, Krista Svalbonas, Antonis Theodoridis, Jennifer Timmer Trail, Loic Vendrame, Brittany Walston, Aaron Wessling, Grace Weston, Joshua White, Emily Wiethorn, Carol Yarrow, and Peter Ydeen.


PDX 30 @ Lightbox Photographic Gallery

2018 Juror Award: Blue Mitchell, “Of Salt and Earth no. 14”

Please join us for the Artists’ Opening Reception of The LightBox Files and The PDX 30 – 2018 Exhibits

Saturday, April 14th from 6-9pm.

In recognition of Portland Photo Month, April 2018, this group exhibit celebrates LightBox Photographic Gallery’s appreciation of the Portland Photographic Community. We are looking for work that exhibits the unique vision and creativity of the photographer. This is the 7th year of this exhibit that celebrates the Portland Photographic Community. The exhibit combines great work from up and coming photographers with that of established photographers from the Portland community.


Artist Lecture @ PCC Cascade Campus

I’ve been asked to lecture about my work at Portland Community College – Cascade Campus. My specific talk will be April 20th at 6:00 PM in the Moriarty Arts Humanities Bldg (MAHB). There are several other photographers speaking at different times, more to come on the schedule. Thanks to Kelli Pennington for organizing.