DEC 2022- Article: Twenty Alternative Process Photographers You Need to Know! by Christina Z. Anderson
excerpt: When I was asked to write this article my first reaction was “Sure, no problem” until I made a list of 116 “alt pros” off the top of my head that I keep tabs on. I could write six of these articles and still not cover all artists I follow. What parameters would make me choose this person over that? There are some well-known artists who use an alternative process or two in their work but probably wouldn’t identify themselves as alt pro photographers. Though I am thrilled these artists lend cachet to these processes which have often been backgrounded in contemporary photography, just because cyanotype, or chromo, or salt printing, is what one is noted for in museums does not an alt pro make. I was interested in those who have spent most of their creative life with the handmade print, ever-broadening now to include analog black and white and color printing. In fact, what used to be differentiated as “experimental” and “alt” or “darkroom” and “dimroom” is blurred. 
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NOV 2022 - Update on the 2022 International Juried Exhibition
"My Forever no. 1" received 3rd place from juror Paul Kopeikin! Quite an honor! Thanks to Paul Kopeikin, Ann Jastrab, and the whole CPA team in Carmel for consistently putting up amazing shows and providing excellent programming.
2022 International Juried Exhibition
Juror: Paul Kopeikin
Exhibition on view: November 19 – December 29, 2022
OCT 2022
This lovely black frame polaroid from “My Forever” series is headed to Carmel, CA for the Center for Photographic Art’s 2022 International Juried Exhibition next month.

Thank you to juror Paul Kopeikin for selecting this piece along with work from a bunch of other stellar artists that I’m proud to be showing alongside.

Center for Photographic Art
November 19 – December 29, 2022
Opening reception and awards:
Saturday, November 19, 4:00 – 6:00pm
SEPT. 2022
I’m pleased to have two of my favorite Polaroid prints from “My Forever” series in this show. I’m curious how they will translate blown up and shown outdoors. Unfortunately, I will not be at Click! this year to see them in person, but I’m pleased my art will be participating this year in place of myself.

Show details:
The Click! Photography Festival announces the selected artists for Revēlō.
The second annual Plein Air Exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC.

Exhibition: Oct. 1st -Oct. 31st
Opening Event: October 9th
North Carolina Museum of Art
Announcing The Diffusion Tapes, a podcast where I chat with artists, writers, and curators in the field of fine art photography. More specifically, these tapes are conversations with people I’ve befriended on my journey as an artist and publisher. In these conversations, I get to learn a little more about these folks that I admire and respect and I’m inviting you into the conversation.
All conversations are recorded face-to-face.
These two prints are available in the annual A4A Print Sale. Special edition prints for A4A, limited editions of 15. 
Find them and a plethora of inspiring work at
JULY 25, 2018
I’ve watched Aline Smithson grow Lenscratch since the very beginning, it’s such a pleasure to be showcased on this marvelous site. Thanks Daniel George for the feature. 
"While viewing Blue Mitchell’s interrelated series Chasing the Afterglow and Of Salt and Earth, I cannot help but reminisce on last year’s total solar eclipse. At the time of the event, I was fortunate enough to be living in a high-altitude, rural community directly in the path of the moon’s umbral shadow. Those brief couple minutes of totality renewed my sense of awe in the light-giving, celestial bodies that occupy our sky and their relationship to our planet and its inhabitants. Mitchell’s work offers reverence to the sun, moon, and Earth in a quiet, contemplative fashion. The ethereal quality of these images invites us to linger—to calmly examine the sensations they elicit. They are meant to be felt. By doing so, they encourage us to reconsider our own bond with the natural world." –Daniel George, Lenscratch
April 3, 2018
I'm fortunate to have ten images showcased in the Blue Sky 2018 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers. (Blue Sky/Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts)
First Thursday, April 5, coinciding with Portland Photo Month, each artist will be represented by 10 original photographic prints or objects from a single body of work in a dedicated archival, flat file drawer at Blue Sky through March 2019.
The complete list of artists selected from more than 160 submissions includes:
Adam Bacher, Doran Bastin, Susan Bein, Ray Bidegainin, Jennie Castle, Harley Cowan, Fretta Cravens, Danielle Dean, Lucas DeShazer, Claire Dibble, Gloria Baker Feinstein, Dean Forbes. Hal Gage, Randi Ganulin, Joseph Glasgow, Sarah Graves, Lauryn Hare, Melinda Hurst Frye, Tim Jaskoski, Ryota Kajita, John Kane, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Cheston Knapp, Brian Kosoff, Zachary Krahmer, Laura Kurtenbach, Julie Lopez, Nathan Lucas, Sofia Marcus-Myers, Ryan Mills, Blue Mitchell, Marilyn Montufar, Stan Raucher, Shawn Records, Pat Rose, Isaac Sachs, Skip Smith, Deb Stoner, Nolan Streitberger, J Swofford, Samuel Wilson and Jennifer Zwick.
Huges thanks to the honorable curator Hamidah Glasgow for her dedication to our photo community!
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